Digital Discounts

The Government has launched a Help to Grow: Digital scheme as part its support programme for small businesses. Under the scheme, eligible businesses can now receive discounts of up to £5,000 off the retail price of approved Digital Accounting and CRM software from leading technology suppliers. This software can help with effectively managing finances and building customer relationships, ultimately helping businesses to scale up. Additionally, through a new online platform, businesses can also access practical, specialised support and advice on how to choose the right digital technologies to boost their growth and productivity. Details about eligibility can be found here: government website

Latest WorkNest Webinar

The latest WorkNest Webinar is on the subject of Dealing with Employee Disputes, Essential Policies,Training Managers and Preventing Tribunal Claims. It will take place on 17 February at 2.00pm. All members are invited to attend. WorkNest’s Director of Legal Services, James Tamm, and HR Business Partner, Hannah Copeland, will share some of the more concerning findings from their recent Mind the Gap report and offer practical recommendations to help you protect your organisation and take the power back, including:

· The essential policies employers need in place to manage employees (and when to use them)

· How to train and support managers, and why this is key to handling employee disputes effectively

· The tools you can use to facilitate communication and dispute resolution between employers and employees

· Tribunal claims 101: the process, costs, most common claim types to be alert to, and other important statistics Members can register for free here: Sandwich Association