According to Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service), one in ten employers believes their performance management processes are actually demotivating their employees.
This shouldn’t be happening. Performance management is not just about managing out those employees whose performance is below par. It is also about setting clear expectations, giving people praise for good work, providing constructive feedback to help them improve, refocusing efforts to align with new objectives, resolving any concerns, identifying training and development needs and increasing your employee’s engagement level. All of this will ensure that your business is getting the very best out of your employees.

What does a Primary Authority Agreement mean?

The Events Industry Forum (EIF), to which TESA is a founding member, is currently in discussions with the Office of Product Safety & Standards (part of BEIS) about bringing the Purple Guide within the Primary Authority scheme.   This means that EIF would take on a Statutory Primary Authority Role to represent the outdoor events industry and the statutory elements of the Purple Guide would become Assured Advice.


To support firework display members, and the British Firework Championships, TESA has launched a Firework Finder website where both event organisers and the public can go to find display companies as well as those retailing pyrotechnics.