Power of Events

The Events Industry Forum has provided a grant of £500 to The Power of Events, formerly known as One Industry One Voice, which is being relaunched this week (28 June). The aims of the group are to:

• Create a comprehensive communications hub alongside an event analysis and evaluation platform to support the UK events industry.

• Work in partnership with universities across all Four Nations to design and deliver research and data that demonstrates the social, economic and environmental impacts of events across the UK.

• Provide a one stop showcase for the UK Events Industry that fully maps out the range of sectors, expertise and networks.

Event Policing Report for June

The latest report on public safety incidents at events (including concerts, festivals and sporting events) in June from the National Police Coordination Centre is available here: https://www.tesa.org.uk/index.php/news/93-tesa-news/505-event-policing-report-for-june

UK Music Workforce Diversity Survey

UK Music has launched a survey to track diversity and inclusion in the UK’s music industry focusing specifically on those who work behind the scenes in the industry, rather than those who are on stage. The findings of the survey will give the music industry, Government and other stakeholders a critical insight into where improvements are needed regarding diversity and inclusion – and highlights where positive change is already under way.

To get the most accurate picture of the diversity of the industry UK Music need as many people from the industry as possible to take part – the survey can be found at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/Diversity22-LIVE

Fireworks Latest

Members involved in the fireworks industry might be interested in the latest developments by CarnDu Ltd., the leading safety consultants in the field.

Whilst ShellCalc© is the industry standard product for calculating fallout during firework displays, recent additions to their range are:

• EnvCalc© - for determining the environmental impact of a display

• SoundCalc© - for determining sound levels at distances from ground or aerial fireworks

• PlumeCalc© – for smoke plume modelling of explosives sites – particularly for CoMAH safety reports

• LicenceCalc© – for initial plotting of “Separation distances” for UK Local Authority of HSE licences

For more information, please contact Dr Tom Smith at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.